Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ninety Days!

I just happened across a web page today that told me that the London marathon is only 90 days away. I nearly choked on my coffee. Can it really be that close? Where has the time gone?
In just three months I am supposed to run 26 miles and have raised at least 2,000 pounds.
What was I thinking?
I had a late start considering the marathon team didn't let me know that I had a spot until right before Christmas, but I only have about 80 pounds raised and there's no way I'm anywhere near being ready to run 26 miles. Sure, I don't have to do it tomorrow, but 90 days isn't a lot of time. But I'm committed now. Nothing left to do but buckle down and  figure out some fundraising plans and get my butt training even harder, or else I'm in huge trouble.
Wish me luck or if I can be so cheeky...if you're out there reading this and can spare a pound or two please sponsor me. Your money goes to a great cause. :)
PS: I was matched with my new guide dog on Friday. The dog still has a month of training left and so if everything goes well, we'll enter team training together at the end of February. It's been six months, but good things really do come to those who wait. Another reason why I feel so compelled to raise funds for this fabulous organisation.

My fundraising page can be found at:

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