Sunday, November 17, 2013

Alberta Bound

I got the good news yesterday morning. An email came in saying that I had been selected to go to the training camp in Alberta as a part of the contingency Ontario was sending. There are eight of us and I know no one; not necessarily a bad thing. We leave December 05 and the camp runs until the 8th. However, I won't be back so soon.
There is an International Paralympic Committee (IPC) sanctioned Cup of some sort being held after the camp and I'm racing in it.
Haven't been on skis in over 20 years and I'm heading to a training camp and then racing.
Why not?
The real reason is because I'm going to be getting classified which means that eye doctors basically confirm that I'm completely blind. This whole process requires that they see you competing after the classification to make it all official. So, if I want to be classified, I have to race. Classifiers aren't present at every competition so it makes sense to just get it done now.
We obviously don't care about the time, but are more concerned with technique and just getting the race finished. I'm not so nervous about the race-at least not yet-but I am a bit nervous about the camp.
Here I am going in with a bunch of athletes who are competing at the international level and I haven't skied in forever; never mind what kind of physical fitness I'm in. I've been working on that, but it's still nowhere where it used to be.
But, I'm slotted in now and so I'm going. All I can do is keep working out the way I have been, hope for some snow so I can get on skis before we go out there and enjoy the ride. I should probably also go buy some actual skiing clothes as well. ;)


  1. that's really exciting!

    I can't wait to hear how Nala does with the travelling. Jetta was a pro.

  2. How exciting! Can't wait to read all about it.


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