Saturday, February 15, 2014

Where Am I At?

It was all going so well. The week we got back from Nationals Coach T and I attacked one of the more technically challenging trail systems. We skied probably about 10 K and it felt good; hard, but good. The sun was shining that day despite the air being cold and the tracks were fantastic; especially considering what we slogged through at Nationals on the last day. We communicated well and it made the ski that much more enjoyable. There was a point when there was a giant clump of moss/dirt in the right track and Coach T only had time to say, "lift your right foot." I did and I sailed cleanly over what otherwise would have clogged up the bottom of my ski. It was a pretty cool feeling.
We also had a good skate ski the following day. I was pretty sore from climbing hills the day before and so we had to stop a few times in the beginning for me to stretch. However, we went 6 K, the furthest I've gone skate skiing. We also were moving at a much quicker pace than before even though it was cold out. Skate skis move better when the temperatures are warmer. So, skate skiing when it's cold out and going faster than before, makes me very happy.
Then it hit. One of the worst colds I have had...ever.
Coach T had said to take Friday off since I was so sore and tired. I didn't realise then that I was so tired, not really from the physical activity, but from the cold I was fighting off. Friday morning I woke up and knew something was wrong and it only got worse from there.
Saturday and Sunday came with a fever/aches/swollen glands Etc and it progressed all week long. It's now more than a week since I first felt this thing coming on and I'm still congested and coughing up gross stuff. That means, I haven't been skiing in that much time. :(
Despite the congestion and the plugged ears, I think I'm ready to go out now. My lung capacity may be reduced a bit, but my energy is back to normal and I am ready to get back out there. Coach T and I have agreed to go out tomorrow and even though I'm raring to go mentally, I think we will take it easy on the distance to ensure I ease back in and don't have to take any more time off. A short ski tomorrow that leads to another the next day is much more productive than a long ski tomorrow that leads to me taking Monday/Tuesday off because I am recovering again.
Oh, the delicate balance of sport.

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