Tuesday, July 24, 2012

FFirst Foot Injury and 5.3 K

I've done a lot of reading about running since I really have no idea what it all entails. I keep reading horror stories about people with black toenails, rashes in terrible places due to chafing and so much more. I've also read how to avoid these things, but I really wasn't prepared for what happened to me less than a week ago.
Last Wednesday Laura and I had planned to run together, but the day was just horrible with high winds and flooding everywhere. I know that runners run in all kinds of weather, but when the water is swirling past my ankles and there is no sign of it stopping, I chose to stay indoors and do a core workout instead. It was that night that I realised there was something wrong with my left foot; the sole of my  left heel to be exact.
As I was curled up on the couch, drinking tea and reading my book before bed, I noticed a huge chunk of my heel was missing. I'm not sure how else to describe it. It was like I had gouged myself on something, but I could not remember doing so. I still have no idea what happened, but I suspect it had something to do with me wearing my every day shoes without socks while walking my puppy. I think the combination of the rubbing and the wet may have cracked the foot. It was so weird. When I was swimming I never had problems with my feet and only two or so weeks back into running and my feet are already acting up?
That said, I don't even think my first foot injury was even running related.
As a swimmer, I would have just gone to practice the next day and refrained from pushing off the wall with that foot, but I was forced to cancel my run with Laura the following day because it was too painful to even walk on. I probably could have pushed through it, but I figure taking one day off was better than sucking it up and running and then damaging the foot further and missing multiple practices. Friday Laura and I were able to connect, just two days after the mysterious foot wound first appeared, and we ran around 3.5 K. I just wrapped the foot up with medical tape and gauze and made sure to disinfect it really well when I was done.
With my foot healing up quite nicely, Laura and I were able to get a good solid 5.3 kilometres in today in 37 minutes. I was really impressed with that time since I haven't been back at it  for very long and also because it was another rainy, sloppy day. It just wasn't nearly as bad as last Wednesday.
With the rain falling down and a healing foot, I think 37 minutes was quite good. I felt really good for the whole run, but definitely was tired when we finished.
I felt for Laura as that was her second run of the day, having gone 9 miles in the morning. She is one dedicated woman and I love her for it. She told me today that she wouldn't have run again today if it weren't for me, but that it was a good active recovery run for her.
Not only am I glad I found Laura to run with, but I'm glad I found her because she is turning out to be a great friend. We have similar senses of humor and today we brought each other cake as an after run treat.
Great minds think alike, I suppose.
So, with a good 5.3 K under my belt, my foot on the mends and yummy cake in my belly, I look forward to my next run with Laura this upcoming Wednesday. Tomorrow it's off to the pool for me for some cross training.

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  1. Jess, your comment about Laura and you both bringing cake (like minds), reminds me of when I first starting running with my friend, Lou, who ended up being my bicycle tandem partner. Lou and I lived 5 miles apart and we would frequently run and meet--and frequently we'd be wearing the same t-shirt (usually from an earlier foot race). We never coordinated this ahead of time. That was one reason I knew we'd have to start riding tandem together as we always wore matching outfits! Good job taking care of your foot, by the way. :)


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