Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Little Insight

Pieces of this great jig saw puzzle of a plan are starting to come together. Guide Dogs are sending a fundraising pack to me, complete with t-shirts for me and my guide runners. I've had a few more volunteers step up to run different legs of the event with me and one of my other guide runners is on the mends from an Achilles tendon/ankle injury. Mr. K and I are also going to a local bike shop this afternoon to find out if they have cycle path maps that may detail routes from Edinburgh to London.
I've been trying to bounce my idea off of as many people as possible in order to get different angles on the event. The more minds working at logistics the better. It was during one of these email conversations with one of my friends, who is a four time Paralympian and multi-medal winner, that a good idea was put forward.
Why not have a website dedicated to explaining Guide Dogs  and also have posts from guide dog owners and the importance of these beasties in their lives?
It makes sense.
If I am going to ask people to dig deep into their pockets to assist me raise funds for this organisation, shouldn't these people know what their money does? And what better place to highlight these experiences than right here!
That's why I'm going to be starting a series on this blog that will feature current guide dog owners' experiences, written in their own words, to demonstrate the significant roles guide dogs have in people's lives.
To be honest, I don't know a whole bunch of guide dog owners from this particular organisation as I am new to this country and just getting to know people, but never fear: I will deliver! I am going to attempt to feature various guide dog owners/staff members/puppy walkers for the next 12 months on a biweekly basis. That way, it's not just coming from me how important these dogs are.
And what about the fitness aspect you ask?
It is also my goal to present facts about access to fitness for disabled people, guest posts from disabled people themselves and much much more. Highlighting the need for better access to fitness for disabled people is also very important to me.
My minimum financial goal is to raise 5,000 pounds by next November for Guide Dogs, let me show you why. :)

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