Thursday, January 26, 2012

Training With a Cause: An Introduction

Besides training for triathlons, there is something else that is very near and dear to my heart:
Glacier (My current guide dog).

That's right: I'm a crazy dog lover; especially Labrador Retrievers. From the age of six, I have always had at least one Labrador in my life. Granted, two of them have been guide dogs, and another is my husband's guide dog, but Labradors are always around. So, that is why I thought it fitting that the cause I trained for was a Labrador Retriever Rescue.
is a non-profit organisation that re-homes Labradors all over Scotland. The organisation is quite active and even has a very busy and welcoming Facebook page.
With the current economy, and many other reasons, dogs are being re-homed on a regular basis. Labrador Retriever Rescue  Scotland (LRRS), works in conjunction with current owners in attempting to rectify issues before re-homing is considered. If a Labrador does need to be re-homed, LRRS works very hard to find the dog the perfect forever home. New owners are required to stay in contact with LRRS throughout the adopted dog's life and in return receives advice on a myriad of topics, including but not limited to: health, training and diet. Where possible LRRS likes to find homes for Labs where they can work: some have gone on to be great  scent dogs. The bottom line for LRRS is, that a dog is placed in a loving, safe home whether it is to be a pet or a working dog. With my affinity for Labs and my great appreciation for working dogs, I have chosen Labrador Retriever Rescue Scotland as the organisation that I want to raise funds for while attempting to attain my triathlon goals.
How will I  go about this?
As of right now, a "donation" button will be added to a page I will create with all of the information pertaining to LRRS and my training goals. The donations that come in will be split between myself and Labrador Retriever Rescue  Scotland, with LRRS receiving 80 percent of the funds raised. The other 20 percent I will keep to pay for the necessary expenses of training as a blind triathlete. Triathlon training is expensive, but if you double those costs-blind athletes often have to purchase adaptive equipment and pay double for travel/race entry fees Etc for his/her guide-training in an already expensive sport becomes nearly impossible without a sponsorship. Labrador Retriever Rescue Scotland has agreed to the split and was more than generous.
So, today when I hit the treadmill, sweating my way through intervals, I will be thinking of all of the Labradors out there that still need rescuing, re-homing or vet bills paid for. If that isn't motivating, then I don't know what is. :)

Guide dogs need a break too.

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