Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My First 6 K

Today was a milestone. Okay, perhaps not a milestone as it was six kilometre stones, but you get the point. It was the first time I broke the six kilometre mark and was very excited about it. I took the pace easy, focusing only on reaching six kilometres. A couple of times the personal trainer checked in and asked how I was doing. Those times, I considered picking up the pace, but held back because I was more concerned with the distance than how fast I was going. It wasn't a particularly fast run, but I completed the six kilometres in 45 minutes or so. It was slow, but steady and incredibly controlled. I could feel myself working for sure, but it was not  until the last 1.5 kilometres that I started losing control of my breathing and even at that, I was able to get it back under control with a few deep, deliberate breaths.
I find I'm saying this a lot, but it is amazing to me that in just two months, I have managed to go from not running at all, to being able to hold a steady, comfortable pace all of the way to six kilometres. Who would have thought I'd call running comfortable.
Tomorrow I am back on the treadmill with the intention of running a shorter, but much faster set. It felt good reaching my "destination" of sorts-it is difficult to have a destination when running on a stationary machine-but I really need to be able to do that faster. So, tomorrow will be my "push" day; my "do it even if it hurts" day. It's supposed to be uncomfortable tomorrow.
It is important to take the little victories as they come-I.E., running six kilometres non-stop for the first time-but, if you want to get better, you need to take that momentum and "run" with it. Let it push you into the next thing and embrace it; even if it is a bit uncomfortable. :)

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  1. Congrats cuz! I know the feeling. I'm training for the Vancouver Sun Run 10 km in April and hope to have a time of less than an hour. I've done 5 km within a half-hour so I just need to double that. Kudos to you! It's nice see your stamina grow. :)


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