Friday, January 6, 2012

The First Run of 2012

So, I finally managed it: I made it to the gym and had a really good run. It sounds funny to me, me saying "I had a good run" because two months ago, I never would have used "good" and "run" in the same sentence. I hated running and thought that it would take me an eternity to, if not enjoy it, at least tolerate it. The strange thing is, I actually missed running the last few days when I wasn't able to get to the gym due to 41 miles per hour winds and the gym's Holiday hours. What a foreign concept.
The other foreign concept is that a good, comfortable run was a 5.5 K workout. That's what I ran for my first run of the year and it felt good. In fact, the first three and a half K or so felt easy. That in and of itself just blows my mind. I used to run about 400 metres and want to quit; even when I was at my fitness peak as an elite swimmer. I had resolved to "just get through" the run portion of the triathlon, as I love swimming and cycling and, used to, hate running. I still wouldn't say it's my favourite, but knowing that it's a bit more manageable and that my body will adjust to it, is very encouraging. Despite breathing hard and sweating like a fiend,  I recovered quickly and was pleasantly surprised that 5.5 kilometres isn't really that bad. Now, the key is to do 5 K after a 20 KM bike and 750 metre swim, but I'll tackle that when it comes.
The other challenge is to get my time faster. I may have run 5.5 K, but it was probably just above most people's jogging speed. However, I think for today, I'll be happy with how far I ran, get another good workout in this afternoon-probably working on transitions from the bike to the run-and worry about times later. It really has only been two months and I think I've made huge strides in that short time period; if I do say so myself. :)
On a different and exciting note: one of my coaches who trained me to my first Paralympic Games has agreed to write me swim workouts. I asked him on the off chance that he would and he sent an email back, complete with two 2 K workouts already written out for me. It is so exciting that he's willing to help me and words seem inadequate in thanking him. My swimming has been coming along, but most workouts I was making up as I went along and was starting to run out of ideas. I have an idea as how to train as a swimming sprinter, but as a triathlon is not a sprint in comparison to some of the 50 metre races I used to do, I really needed some direction. I've looked at both workouts and they are both challenging, but I feel better knowing someone with coaching knowledge is providing me with practices. He is an excellent coach and I trust his abilities and judgment.
Despite 2012 having a bit of a "rocky start," things have definitely improved in the last couple of days. I feel like I am moving in the right direction and now that I have guidance, at least in the swimming department, I know things will just continue to improve.

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