Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ondon Marathon

Running a marathon had become a secondary goal for me-after the whole triathlon struggle I've had. I needed something else to focus on and a marathon seemed like a good idea. It took me a while to figure out which one I wanted to do, but I've put an application in for the London Marathon 2013 and will find out in October if I got a spot. Not only do I want to run the marathon, but I've applied for a spot to be the fundraiser for the Guide Dog organisation. It's a charity that is close to my heart and so if  I am selected, it will be very exciting.
The only obstacle I had to work around was finding someone who wanted to run the marathon with me. I hadn't really put too much effort in finding a race guide as October was a   ways off yet. However, I've been talking with a friend who I met through a mutual friend, and she is interested in guiding. She ran the marathon last year and so would be a great partner in that she knows what to expect.
We chatted on the phone tonight and made a basic plan to train until October, find out if either of us were accepted and then go from there. She currently lives in London, so we are a bit apart, but we figure we'll each make a few trips to visit one another and use that time to train together. It would be beneficial to visit her in London because then we can do some of the trickier parts of the course in order to solidify our running partnership.
The situation isn't exactly ideal because it leaves me still trying to find training guides here and running workouts on a treadmill, but on the other hand, what would be the point of all of that training without having a guide to run the race with you at the end? I'll just have to run on the treadmill and make good use of the runs that I do get outside.
I am really excited about this whole thing and I think Miss P is too, which makes this even more exciting. :)

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