Friday, December 16, 2011

Couldn't Have Put it Any Better

A few days ago I was browsing some blogs that I read on a semi-regular basis and I came across
this one.
The blog is written by a person whom I have known since I was twelve years old. He is an amazing athlete, a great writer and a very good friend. He does not post often, but his posts are about quality, not quantity. The most recent post struck a cord with me as it addresses some of the very real issues facing blind/visually impaired athletes with regards to finding/keeping guide athletes. Everything he says rings true and is really informative for people who may not understand the importance of a guide for blind/visually impaired athletes. It also filled me with a sense of relief, knowing that I am not the only blind athlete out there struggling to find a guide. His experience is written from the perspective of a long distance runner, but the same concepts he discusses could be applied to training for a triathlon; and, as he pointed out in a later email to me, especially so since a blind triathlete must find a guide who is not only dedicated and successful at one sport, but three. I really have much to say on the matter, but Jason has said it all for me. One day I will tackle the issues surrounding finding a guide athlete, but for now I would encourage you to go over and read his post.

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