Monday, October 15, 2012

Food of Champions

I would go out on a limb and say that all elite athletes have been taught something about proper nutrition and hydration. It's impossible to keep up those levels of training without fueling the body correctly. There was always an emphasis on fruits/vegetables, whole grains and the "right" kinds of fat. Nuts, yogurt, milk and many other things that people cut out of their diets because they think are "too fatty" were encouraged. It's the simple sugars like candy and pop that you had to watch out for. However, we were humans, not machines, and we certainly indulged from time to time.
The last six days or so of my diet would make my coaches or our team's sport scientist cringe. It   wouldn't even support a normal human being never mind a training athlete. This morning I've managed to consume some apple sauce, a dry piece of toast and a glass of GingerAle. Yesterday I had chicken noodle soup and probably five or six crackers. Oh, and tea. Don't forget the tea.  I don't know if I feel worse after I've eaten or before because I'm so hungry, but then I eat and my body retaliates. But, really, you don't need to know about my angry tummy.
The importance of all this to my blog is that there is definitely no training going on over here. No fuel means no training and I am assuming it will take me a few days of eating like a non-sick person before I can get back at it.
In the mean time, I'll keep eating my dry toast, drinking tea and taking naps.
Speaking of naps, I think it's time for one now.

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