Tuesday, October 23, 2012

On the Mends

It's been about two and a half weeks since I got that weird stomach flu/intestinal thingy. It would appear that it's gone now, which means I have been able to eat solid foods for just under a week. This makes me very happy. Not only does it mean I feel better, but that I can also get back to training.
Since Thursday I have started slowly increasing the amount of exercise I do. At first just short walks made me feel weak and gross, but as I've been able to eat more, I've felt a lot better and have been able to increase the distances I have been walking. Just on Sunday I went for a two hour walk and another hour and a half yesterday. All of which felt good. tonight is another walk and tomorrow I will try running for a half hour.
It was amazing to me how quickly I lost strength and fitness. Being sedentary obviously contributed to this loss, but I think the lack of eating is what did me in. At first just carrying groceries home made my arm muscles hurt; and they were not heavy groceries. However, no matter how quickly I lost it, it will come back. Perhaps it won't be as quickly, but it shouldn't take long before I'm back to running five K easily.
I just have to remind myself not to over do it or I'll be back at square one.

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