Friday, October 12, 2012

No More Tea!

I have no idea what awful bug ha climbed into my stomach, but this has got to be one of the worst stomach flu thingies I've ever had. I'm not even sure it's a flu. There's just a lot of cramping and nausea. Well, at least the nausea has subsided. But of course this means no training. It also meant that I missed my meeting with my guide runner this morning to discuss the particulars of my big project; so disappointing. However, it's probably good I didn't go because there was no need for me to infect everyone else in the coffee shop.
I was really disappointed that this hit now. I had just downloaded the Nike Run Ap and I was so excited to give it a try. As a blind athlete a lot of those types of training devices are inaccessible and thus I can't use them. Since the Iphone talks though and the Nike Ap can be downloaded to the phone, I think I can actually use it. I won't know for sure though until I kick this nasty bug.
So, instead of pounding out the kilometres, I am squished on to my couch with my dogs, fluffy blankets and thankfully Sprite instead of tea.
Peppermint is a great natural way to assist your tummy along when it's not feeling well. I think I've consumed at least five mugs of it today and another three or four yesterday. And I'm not talking little, tiny tea cups. I'm talking the huge mug that I use for coffee in the morning. I am so peppermint tea (ed) out, I think I'd be happy if I didn't drink it for another twelve months. That said, I think it actually helped.
Along with my litres and litres of peppermint tea, I've taken an Epson salt bath complete with lavender essential oil (good for relaxation) in the hopes that I will get better very, very soon. Even when my body is trying to force me to stay still, I don't usually do well as a patient for more than 24 hours...and it's been longer than 24 hours.
Is there a moral to this story? Be a patient patient I suppose. My logical brain knows that it's important to give yourself the time you need to heal, but my illogical brain just wants to "try how it feels." I know none of that will be happening. So for now, I will be content with my puppy pile, Sprite and fluffy blankets. Please hold the peppermint tea though.

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